Comprehensive sexuality education: advancing human rights, gender equality and improved sexual and reproductive health

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74 p.

In December 2010, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized a Global Consultation on Sexuality Education, in Bogota, Colombia, to discuss the most effective approaches to sexuality education that promote human rights, advance gender equality and improve sexual and reproductive health. The consultation brought together some 80 practitioners and programmers from more than 36 countries. The purpose of the consultation was to gain a common understanding of the state of the art in comprehensive sexuality education programmes, both in-school and out of school, and to identify strategies for investing in, implementing, scaling up, monitoring and evaluating effective and sustainable programmes. Participants heard presentations and exchanged views on the fundamental principles of sexuality education, the evidence base for what makes sexuality education comprehensive and effective, and lessons drawn from concrete experiences in the implementation of sexuality education programmes in different settings. This report aims to capture the substantive presentations and discussions, as well as the rich experiences shared, at the consultation.

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