Comprehensive sexuality education in Croatia: overview and the context

Case Studies & Research
Udruga PaRiter
14 p.

The aim of this publication is to emphasize the importance of implementation of the comprehensive sexuality education in schools in the Republic of Croatia. While keeping in mind the deep division in the society that accompanies this topic, but also the rise of the conservative forces that are trying to promote personal and religious ideas, it is essential to provide education that will help the youth to make a responsible decision, but as well build the society of peace and tolerance. Croatia is still fighting religious, cultural and historical dogmas that are very active in stopping the youths right to comprehensive sexuality education and that are trying to implement deficient programs that are not based on facts and figures, but on religious grounds. According to the results of the research about 43% of the students would like to have a possibility of getting information about sexuality-related topics through extracurricular programs. Furthermore, 80% of the students think the school programs do not cover all the information they would like to know about sexuality-related topics. It is time for the state to take the youth and their needs into account, and to start working on fulfilling their educational needs in order to establish a gender-equal society.

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