School health and nutrition: Teacher's guide

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education, CHANGES2 Program
90 p.

This guide for promoting SHN is intended to: Provide information on the SHN Programme and how to establish a Health Promoting School; Provide basic information and procedures on the drugs for treatment of intestinal worms, bilharzia and micronutrient supplements like Vitamin A and Iron; Provide the knowledge and skills in the use of the bilharzia questionnaire, tablet pole, SHN card, monitoring tool, treatment forms, drug request and retirement forms: Provide basic information on school community partnership and how to develop action plans to promote SHN; Assist teachers in treating at least 75% of school children in the high risk school communities where schistosomiasis (bilharzias) is a serious threat to public health; Foster demand for treatment and encourage the development of a sustainable SHN Programme.

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