Awareness and attitudes of teachers and parents to comprehensive sexuality education

Case Studies & Research
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The purpose of conducting this study is to reveal and describe the attitudes of parents and teachers as the key agents of children’s socialization towards comprehensive sexuality education, as well as their readiness to participate in it. The study had the following goals: 1. Assess the fraction of parents and teachers who support CSE in formal and informal education. 2. Reveal teachers’ readiness to introduce and launch CSE in school. Determine the role and the extent to which teachers support CSE in school. Determine how teachers evaluate their ability to talk with students about sensitive topics, and their level of knowledge and skills related to CSE. 3. Evaluate parents’ readiness to support CSE for their children, their ability to talk with their children about sensitive/intimate topics. 4. Discover what parents and teachers need in order to be able to undertake the leading roles in CSE.

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