Annual Report 2006

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Young Empowered and Healthy (Y.E.A.H)
20 p.

The Young Empowered and Healthy (Y.E.A.H) Initiative is a multi-channel communication campaign by and for young people that combines mass media, person-to-person dialogue, and community media. The mission of Y.E.A.H is to stimulate dialogue and action among communities, families, schools, and health institutions; and model positive practices through local and national media. Y.E.A.H is designed to contribute to a reduction in the incidence of HIV and early pregnancy and to contribute to an increase in the proportion of young people that complete primary education and beyond. Y.E.A.H began in 2004 to address the growing need to improve health and social practices among young people in Uganda and to answer the government's call for improved and coordinated behavior change communication (BCC) efforts. It is designed and implemented by a coalition of Ugandan organizations and Young People's Advisory Groups under the auspices of the Uganda AIDS Commission HIV/AIDS Partnership.

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