Child protection and children affected by AIDS: a companion paper to The framework for the protection, care and support of orphans and vulnerable children living in a world with HIV and AIDS

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48 p.

Many international and non-governmental organizations have endorsed The Framework for the Protection, Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV and AIDS (The Framework), which outlines key strategies and actions. In October 2005, the Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS global campaign was launched. Among the central goals of the campaign is the protection, care and support of children affected by AIDS. Many countries heavily affected by the pandemic have responded by developing their own plans of action for orphans and vulnerable children, creating a mechanism for coordination and oversight for governments to work closely with civil society. This companion paper to The Framework provides additional information and outlines recommended actions for protecting affected children from increased vulnerability, and for reducing the higher risks they face of abuse, exploitation and neglect. While this paper discusses the protection issues facing children globally, its actions speak directly to the findings of the publication, Africa's Orphaned and Vulnerable Generations: Children affected by AIDS, which incorporates new research on the vulnerability of orphans in the region hit hardest by the pandemic.

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