Conducting a parent involvement workshop: a manual for educators and practitioners

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Comment conduire un atelier sur l'implication des parents: manuel à l'intention des éducateurs et des practiciens

Sexual education is a lifelong learning experience. Parents/caregivers however do not approach sexuality education in this manner, with talks either taking place sporadically or in isolated bits and pieces. Research has proven that adolescents who maintain a close connection with their family are more likely to delay their sexual debut. Parents/caregivers often do not have the necessary skills to engage in discussions around sexuality. A greater partnership with schools is one way to enhance communication between parents/caregivers and their children. Although this should not replace communication at home the collective approach could only benefit youth in the long term. General suggestions include: a) parents/caregivers should reinforce communication with schools and b) parents/caregivers should have knowledge around the sexuality education curriculum in order to convey supporting messages.

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