Education and HIV/AIDS: a sourcebook of HIV/AIDS prevention programs

Programme Reports & Evaluations
World Bank
437 p., illus., tabs.
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L'Education et le VIH/SIDA: guide des programmes de prévention du VIH/SIDA
Educação e VIH/SIDA: Um Manual de Programas de Prevenção Contra o VIH/SIDA

The Sourcebook aims to support efforts by countries to strengthen the role of the education sector in the prevention of HIV/AIDS by sharing their practical experience of designing and implementing programs that are targeted at school-age children. The Sourcebook provides concise summaries of programs (which were selected because they showed promise where and when they were implemented), using a standard format that highlights their main elements and makes it easier to compare them with each other. The publication is relevant to anyone seeking to launch or improve an HIV/AIDS prevention program and could serve as the foundation for decisions to be made by education policymakers, planners, managers, and practitioners in government and in civil society. Each program report follows the same format and the four main sections within each full program report are: 1) description; 2) implementation; 3) assessment and lessons learned; 4) additional information.

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