First regional conference on secondary education in Africa (SEIA) held in Kampala, Uganda, June 9-13, 2003

Conference Reports
World Bank
54 p.

This report presents the proceedings of the First Regional Conference on Secondary Education in Africa, organized by the World Bank in June 2003 and hosted by the Uganda Ministry of Education. The conference forms part of a major multi-year (2002-2005) work program on Secondary Education in Africa (SEIA) conducted by the Human Development Department of the Africa Region of the World Bank. The program's main objective is to assist Sub- Saharan African (SSA) countries address both the increasing demand pressure from primary school leavers, resulting from the progress towards Education for All (EFA), and the need to improve efficiency, quality and relevance of secondary education to better reflect both the labor market demands of an increasingly knowledge-based economy and Governments'severe budgetary constraints. The purpose of the conference was to present initial findings from studies conducted under the SEIA work program, and to initiate a discussion among African policy makers, stakeholders from civil society, and development partners on options for addressing the wide variety of issues faced in secondary education throughout SSA.

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