Have you integrated STI/HIV prevention into your sexual and reproductive health services? Use IPPF/WHR's STI/HIV integration checklist to find out

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In theory, SRH care incorporates the prevention, detection and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) - including and perhaps most pressingly, HIV - into other SRH services. In practice, however, many organizations that work in SRH service provision fail to incorporate STI/HIV prevention or treatment into their roster of services and programs, or they provide these services separately from other SRH services. Therefore, making explicit the connection between sexuality, contraceptive choice and STI/HIV prevention and harnessing the inherent synergy between preventing unwanted pregnancy and preventing STI/HIV remain fertile areas for action. In support of this effort, IPPF/WHR has developed this self-administered checklist to be used by organizations to explore their degree of integration.

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