Management of HIV/AIDS at Education District level

Case Studies & Research
University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division, HEARD
6 p.

Argues the importance of having better and regular information at school and district level. Proposes a mechanism for this to be achieved: "Have school circuit and district level officials capture local indicators monthly through the completion of a short questionnaire with mostly numeric answers to be filled out by headmasters from data they already collect. This monthly information would provide a more timely way of addressing pressing issues and responding with action. This data could be again aggregated at the district level." The author argues for the need to mobilize district/local level educators to collect and use data. This simple process localises the HIV/AIDS issue in management terms and empowers them to tackle the problem using relevant data. Argues that data is already supposed to be colleted by schools and this allows it to be used to generate local awareness of the effect of HIV on education and to encourage local problem solving.

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