Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on education: report of a workshop organised by the Commonwealth Association of Science, Mathematics and Technology Educators (CASTME) on behalf of the Commonwealth Consortium for Education

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This workshop was in response to one of the six areas for action evolving from the 15th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers held in Edinburgh in 2003. It aimed to look at ways to pull together stake-holders and to act as an effective catalyst for innovative, possibly small scale activities that have the potential for real impact. In particular, there was a specific brief to identify and delineate the specific niche of the Commonwealth in facing this real crisis in education. It was run by CASTME for the Commonwealth Consortium for Education. Following 15CCEM, a group of Ministers of Education from small states met at Stoke Rochford in Britain in September 2004, when they issued the Stoke Rochford Declaration clarifying further the priorities and need for assistance in this area. While Commonwealth resources are smaller than those of e.g. international global organisations, there is a determination to use them to maximum effect. To enable this, strong collaborative partnerships are essential.

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