Preventing HIV/AIDS in schools

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International Bureau of Education
31 p.
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Prevención del VIH en las escuelas

The formal education system with a wide access to young people should play a central role in HIV/AIDS prevention. This document provides teachers and other HIV/AIDS educators with guidance on how to develop and implement an effective school-based programme for education on HIV/AIDS prevention, and focuses on teacher training, partnership, and teaching methods. A list of suggested resources are included in order to assist teachers and other HIV/AIDS educators in gaining access to up-to-date data, existing policies and curricula, teaching aids and sample evaluation questionnaires. The main sections of this booklet include: 1) Professionally trained and actively involved educators; 2) Establish partnerships; 3) Utilize non-conventional methods of teaching; 4) Introduce open communication; 5) Innovative teaching sessions; 6) Gender-specific approaches; 7) Dealing with culturally sensitive content; 8) The value of peer-based support; 9) Skill-based education; 10) Monitoring and evaluation.

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