Bantwana schools integrated program (BSIP) Swaziland child profiling tool

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Bantwana Initiative for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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The Child Profiling Tool is designed to help look at critical aspects of child development in Swazi schools as part of the Bantwana Schools Integrated Program (BSIP). BSIP was launched in April 2008 with the aim to help children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS access the full range of support and comprehensive care they need to grow into healthy adults. The BSIP in Swaziland works to support school committees and schools to provide a range of comprehensive services for vulnerable children. The program also works to strengthen the capacity of schools, communities, and caregivers to provide and advocate for children. This tool helps collect information from children who are BSIP beneficiaries related to all aspects of child welfare, including: Demographic information; Health and basic needs; Education and socioeconomic status; Psychosocial support; Risky behaviors, abuse; HIV knowledge.

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