An HIV/AIDS toolkit for higher education institutions in Africa

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Association of African Universities, AAU
135 p.
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Guide pratique à l'usage des institutions de l'enseignement supérieur en Afrique en vue d'attenuer l'impact du VIH/SIDA

The objectives of the Toolkit are: To support the efforts of African Universities to initiate or improve their institution specific HIV/AIDS prevention programmes. To fill the gap in the availability of trained personnel by giving training to academic staff, students and support staff of the institutions to work with their peers to reduce personal risk and to engage with families and communities The Toolkit, which comprises ten modules, provides practical guide on how to initiate a HIV/AIDS mainstreaming program and establish helpful processes: Module 1: Management, Module 2: Structure, Module 3: Policy, Module 4: Finance, Module 5: Human resources management, Module 6: Student services, Module 7: Curriculum reform, Module 8: Research, Module 9: Community engagement, Module 10: Monitoring and evaluation.

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