How comprehensive sexuality education supports a better, healthier future! An information booklet

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Rwanda Education Board
19 p.

This booklet provides information for parents, caregivers, community leaders, youth group and religious leaders, community members, teachers and others involved in the welfare and development of children. It explains what good comprehensive sexuality education for children is all about and why communities should support young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health services. It also explains the six topics that guide the teaching of comprehensive sexuality education (relationships, values, culture, puberty, sexual behavior, and sexual and reproductive health), and what information needs to be shared with children on each topic, at the different stages of their growth, that is – The right information, at the right time. Not being aware of what is being taught to children can result in worry and resistance from parents and caregivers. This can lead to the wrong information being shared about what is being taught and to whom.

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