Manage HIV and AIDS in your province. A guide for Department of Education provincial and district managers

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Department of Education
88 p.

Provinces and districts need to find ways to cope with the challenges of this epidemic. Provinces and districts will need to broaden their scope in order to cope. All planning processes will need to take into account the challenges of HIV and AIDS. Using this book, you will be able to answer the question: How can the education sector respond effectively to the challenges of HIV and AIDS? This book is a practical tool and helps you to reflect on how you have done things in the past, and whether this has been effective. It has been written to encourage an open and flexible approach to addressing the daily issues that provincial and district planners and managers face in responding to the challenge of HIV and AIDS. It helps you, as education planners and managers, to: understand, plan, act, and ensure that your response is meaningful and makes a difference. This guide is aimed at: Provincial education planners; District officials including district directors, planners, community development officers and school safety officials, circuit managers, education development officers, and integrated development support officials; Financial planners; Human resource planners; Curriculum planners.

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