Siyam'kela measuring HIV/AIDS related stigma. Tackling HIV/AIDS stigma: Guidelines for people living with HIV/AIDS who interact with the media

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Centre for the Study of AIDS
18 p.

It is very important to address HIV/AIDS stigma in order to improve the quality of the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and to address prevention effectively. Powerful negative metaphors related to HIV/AIDS reinforce stigma and create a sense of otherness. Othering occurs when blame and shame are assigned to people living with HIV/AIDS. This sets a moral tone that contributes towards people conceptualising PLHAs as different, and guides thinking toward a "them" and "us" division. When this division occurs, a person is less likely to identify with the other group, in this case PLHAs. The purpose of these guidelines is: to share the findings of the Siyam'kela research report in a user-friendly way; to provide recommendations on training for PLHAs to strengthen their media advocacy roles in stigma mitigation.

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