Learning & Teaching Materials
Cape Town
Maskew Miller Longman
48 p., illus.

"Sara" is a very popular children's educational comic strip. Sara, the charismatic heroine of the series is an adolescent girl living in urban Africa. Like many girls of her age, she faces insurmountable socio-cultural and economic obstacles in her desire to attain her goals in life. Consisting of seven volumes, the stories are aimed at young female adolescents between the ages of 12-18 years in or outside school. The series can also be used at secondary school level. In this booklet entitled: 'Choices', the main character is seen as a communication tool for teenage pregnancy prevention. The booklet can be particularly useful to teachers/educators, as Sara is often portrayed as a role model for girls. She inspires self-esteem and models the life skills essential for empowerment. She emphasizes a girl's potentials. Although the emphasis is laid on girls, the series is also designed to include boys' needs and interests, and includes male role models as well. A very interesting and useful ''user's guide'' is available at the end of the booklet. In the last section of the booklet, questions such as: 'Do you like Sara, What could be the consequences of having sexual relationships, etc are specifically targeted at boys, girls, parents and other members of the community.

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