Educating educators: knowledge, beliefs, and practice of teacher educators on LGBTQ issues

Case Studies & Research
New York
xxi, 77 p.

The current study examines the state of teacher education programs in regard to LGBTQ-inclusive practices and preparation. As there is a lack of national research examining LGBTQ-inclusive teaching in teacher education programs, we undertook the Educating Educators: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practice of Teacher Educators on LGBTQ Issues report to examine teacher educators’ (or those who teach courses in colleges and universities that prepare pre-service educators) perspectives and experiences regarding their LGBTQ-related work. The study examines the following topics: teacher educators’ attitudes and beliefs about the inclusion of LGBTQ issues in their teacher education courses; how teacher educators were prepared in their training to include LGBTQ people and issues in their work as teacher educators; the LGBTQ-inclusive practices teacher educators engage in in their teaching; the barriers faced in engaging in LGBTQ-inclusive teaching practices; and factors that lead to more inclusion of LGBTQ-related content in teacher educators’ teaching practice.

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