Montenegrin educational policy and sexual orientation: representation of LGBT topics in school curricula and textbooks

Case Studies & Research
Centre for Civic Education
LGBT Forum Progress
169 p.

The analysis focuses on treatment of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) phenomenon in Montenegrin course curricula and textbooks for primary and secondary schools. Objectives of the analysis: 1. Quantitatively and qualitatively, through the method of content analysis, determine treatment of LGBT phenomena in established and approved course curricula and textbooks. 2. Examine democratic features of the educational system through an overview of strategic regulations and documents governing education and textbook policy. 3. Provide additional support to integration and importance of human rights in public education. 4. Improve the quality and practice of the teaching process through identification of possible controversial contents and creation of specific recommendations. 5. Encourage the development of school culture that should be based on democracy, human rights respect and acceptance of diversity and social culture of human rights in general. Methodological categories: a. Analysis of the content of course programs. b. Analysis of the content of the basic texts in all teaching units. c. Methodical mechanisms the textbooks are equipped with from the aspect of the subject matter, and d. Analysis of the content of the regulations governing education and textbook policy.

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