National schools' policy on drugs, Grenada

Policies & Strategies
St. George's
Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and the Environment
57 p.

The revised National Policy on Drugs, Grenada, provides the education system with relevant and updated guidelines and protocols, to address substance use and related
problems, among students and school personnel. It has five principal goals. These are to: 1. Ensure the health, safety and welfare of students, teachers and other stakeholders being served by the school, specifically in relation to the issue of substance use; 2. Promote a safe, healthy and substance free environment to support student development and academic achievement; 3. Provide a mechanism for the appropriate identification of substance use and related issues, and early intervention among students; 4. Provide protocols regarding substance use and related infractions; and 5. Provide support services to students with substance use disorders, and legal
consequences due to violations of drug-related legislations.

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