Teacher's guide in population family life education for primaries five and six in Agriculture, English Language, Science and Social Studies

Learning & Teaching Materials
Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council
146 p.

This guide comes in one volume and is meant for use by teachers in the upper primary school (that is primaries five and six) in the following four subjects: Agriculture, English Language, Science and Social studies. It is supposed to be a reference material for the teacher, who using his/her own initiative, is expected to develop his/her own lesson plans. It should be noted that this teachers' guide does not provide a total coverage for all the concepts and themes in the National Population Education Curriculum, but it contains background information for all the lessons presented, units of instruction, the population/family life/AIDS education themes, as well as the lesson topics, objectives, contents, new words/phrases, abbreviations, teaching support materials, pre-lesson preparations, lesson procedures, evaluation exercises and follow-up activities.

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