HIV monitoring and evaluation framework for higher education

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With the national and global momentum to scale up responses to HIV and AIDS, it is becoming increasingly important for HEAIDS as the entity mandated with coordinating the higher education sector response to accurately and timeously report comparable data to national stakeholders, development partners, and communities. Such information is useful to understand the scale and outcome of implementation and may be used to enhance and scale up HIV programmes across all HEIs. The HIV Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Higher Education is interalia motivated: for more effective implementation of HIV mitigating programmes and projects; to strengthen programme Monitoring and Evaluation capacity; in response to national reporting requirements; to provide a basis for exchange and collaboration between national-level and HEI stakeholders in monitoring and evaluating the sector’s response. The purpose of the M&E Framework is to: define a list of core indicators that will enable tracking of the response in the higher education sector; provide guidance and a standard on the utilization of M&E data across the variety of higher education settings; develop clear M&E processes that will enable systematic collection, collation, processing, analysis, and interpretation of data; standardise the data sources to be collected; support resource mobilisation through result based management in reporting; enable the higher education sector to document and share best practices and disseminate results.

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