Communication and advocacy strategies, adolescent reproductive and sexual health: case study, Islamic Republic of Iran

Advocacy Materials
19 p.

The booklet presents the experiences of Iran in planning and implementing the advocacy and IEC strategies for promoting adolescent reproductive and sexual health programmes. The booklet is divided into five main sections: 1)demographic characteristics of adolescents in various areas such as demographic profile, fertility, teen pregnancies, sexual behaviour, STDs, contraception, etc.; 2) policy and programme responses of the country to address the problems and issues dealing with adolescent reproductive and sexual health; 3) strategies, best practices and innovative approaches used in undertaking advocacy and IEC activities and the impact of these strategies on the target recipients; 4) lessons learned: success/failure factors for advocacy and IEC strategy; 5) guidelines for future considerations in formulating and implementing advocacy and IEC programmes on adolescent reproductive and sexual health. List of organizations that have achieved successes in carrying out programmes in adolescent reproductive and sexual health is included in an appendix.

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