Malnutrition and education in Madagascar: the importance of school feeding programmes

Case Studies & Research
12 p.

In addition to recurring political instability problems and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Madagascar is undergoing a severe episode of famine estimated to affect half a million children under 5, which compounds issues of malnutrition already widespread in the country. School feeding programs, which have a potential to significantly impact foundational learning, have been developed for several years but were insufficient even prior to the famine. Support from technical and financial partners has fluctuated and renewed commitment is needed. Despite a good alignment between the WFP school feeding programme and the national strategy, an increasing relevance of the programme against rising food insecurity in the southern regions, and a favourable political environment on the importance of school meal programmes, school feeding programmes still struggled to cover the nutritional needs of the population in need throughout the year principally because of funding issues and insufficient thinking around community involvement.

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