Multi-sectoral mechanism for prevention, reporting, referral and response to violence against children at schools, including assistance to victims

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Violência contra a criança na escola: o que fazer?

The Multi-sectoral Mechanism for Prevention, Reporting, Referral, Response to Violence and Assistance to Victims at school aims to contribute to a safe and healthy school environment by preventing, responding to violence at school and assisting victims, including sexual violence. The Mechanism adds value to current child protection work as follows: 1) It is an orientation tool for different actors involved in child protection; 2) It offers an opportunity to ensure that State, civil society, religious and community institutions work together and in a coordinated manner to fulfil their respective responsibilities to protect children against all forms of violence at schools; and 3) It also builds on lessons learned from current child protection initiatives. The publication is complemented by a child-friendly version in Portuguese: Violência contra a criança na escola: o que fazer?

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