National sexual health strategy 2015 - 2020 and action plan 2015 - 2016

Policies & Strategies
Department of Health
69 p.

The strategic goals of the Strategy are: Everyone in Ireland will receive comprehensive and age-appropriate sexual health education/information and will have access to appropriate prevention and promotion services; Equitable, accessible and high quality sexual health services, which are targeted and tailored to need, will be available to everyone; and Robust and high quality sexual health information will be generated to underpin policy, practice, service planning and strategic monitoring. The aims of the strategy are: To improve sexual health and wellbeing; To reduce negative sexual health outcomes. The Strategy is set out under three overarching domains: Sexual Health Promotion, Education and Prevention; Sexual Health Services; Sexual Health Intelligence. An action plan for 2015-2016 prioritises 18 actions for immediate commencement across clinical services; education/supporting parents, teachers and youth workers; communication and information; and governance and structures.

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