Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future (O3 PLUS) Project: assessment of health facilities in higher learning institutions in Tanzania; baseline report

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Dar es Salaam
UNESCO Office Dar-es-Salaam
139 p.

The purpose of this assessment was to collect comprehensive information on youth-friendly services (YFS) in line with existing guidelines and standards and provide recommendations for health facilities in higher and tertiary education institutions (HTEI) to be fully functional. Specifically, the assessment intended to: a) Understand existing policies, guidelines, strategies, and standards guiding the provision of health services in HTEIs; b) Identify the capacity of health facilities in HTEIs to provide YFHS to HTEI students; c) Identify gaps in the provision of YFHS in HTEI health facilities; and d) Identify challenges to the provision of YFHS and make recommendations for improvement.

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