The response of the education sector in Jamaica to HIV and AIDS

Case Studies & Research
UNESCO Office Kingston
87 p.

This study aims to assess the effectiveness of Jamaica's current and planned response to HIV and AIDS in the education sector, highlighting strengths and critical gaps. It outlines parameters for a strategic planning exercise that will develop an action plan for the period 2006-2010 for the education sector which in turn will contribute to the preparation of the National AIDS strategy for the same 5 year period. The report is based on data obtained through a review of documents, stakeholder interviews and field visits in Kingston, Browns Town and Ocho Rios. The education sector response is analysed in terms of its actions in four key areas : 1. Policy, strategic planning and institutional capacity; 2. HIV Prevention; 3. Impact mitigation; 4. Leadership. The review attempted to identify what was working well and should be continued or expanded, what was not yet working but should be continued, what is not working and needs a new strategic approach and what is not relevant and should be dropped.

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