We are all in the same boat! Using art and creativity approaches with young people to tackle hiv-related stigma

Toolkits & Guides
91 p.

This toolkit is a set of ideas on how to use art and creative approaches to build a new understanding about HIV stigma and human rights, and on how young people can work together to challenge stigma and discrimination. The toolkit uses different art forms and creative activities - drama and role playing, games, drumming, dance, puppets, story telling, pictures, drawing and collages - to spark new thinking about HIV stigma, change attitudes and challenge young people to do something. The aims of the toolkit are to help young people to: explore stigma and HIV in their lives and see that HIV stigma exists and hurts people living with HIV; understand that by changing their own attitudes and actions they can help to reduce HIV-related stigma; discuss and look critically at their own feelings, fears and values and take ownership of a new set of values and attitudes; learn the basic facts about how HIV is transmitted - accurate and complete information - and through this overcome their fears about interacting with people living with HIV; understand how women and girls are more affected by stigma and how HIV stigma and lack of human rights fuels HIV transmission; develop self-esteem, confidence and skills in communication, assertiveness, problem solving and decision-making, etc; develop practical strategies for challenging stigma in their homes, schools and communities.

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