HIV and AIDS Education, Training Module.

Learning & Teaching Materials
117 p., figs., tabs.

The HIV and AIDS Education Training Module is a training programme for Teachers involved in the delivery of Basic and Higher Education. It consists of 22 similarly structured lessons covering an array of useful topics such as HIV and AIDS: the basics, History and Prevalence of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, HIV and the Immune System, Life Cycle of HIV, How HIV is transmitted, Symptoms of HIV, Testing for HIV, Opportunistic infections, The impact of HIV & AIDS in Africa, The driving force of HIV in Africa, Claims to cure HIV & AIDS in Africa, Myths and misconceptions about HIV & AIDS, Anti HIV therapy, Preventing the spread of HIV through Sexual activity, Preventing the spread of HIV: Blood transfusion, sharing needles and sharp objects, Preventing the spread of HIV & AIDS, general considerations, Counselling and care, The role of the school and the teacher, The role of parents, The role of the community and Eliminating violence, stigma and discrimination. Each lesson comprises a summary and review questions.

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