HIV/AIDS and reproductive health student teacher course book. Approved for use in all primary teacher training institutions

Learning & Teaching Materials
Papua New Guinea. Department of Education
125 p.

Papua New Guinean primary school students need to know about HIV, STIs, sex and reproductive health to protect themselves and others. Grade 6, 7 and 8 now have a subject called Personal Development which, among other areas, helps them to develop good knowledge, skills and attitudes towards sex, sexuality and sexual health. It prepares them to be responsible adults. In Grade 5 young people learn about HIV/AIDS and STIs in their Health course. Teachers need to be trained on how to teach HIV/AIDS and reproductive health within these subjects and work with their pupils in a positive way. This course is compulsory for all pre-service and in-service primary school teachers. The student teacher course book contains facts, figures, extracts, teaching and learning activities, self study tasks and samples of work to help you plan, programme and teach HIV/AIDS and reproductive sexual health. It is based on teaching the primary school Syllabus subjects Personal Development and Health and the Department of Education HIV/AIDS Policy.

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