Legal guide on school food and nutrition: Legislating for a healthy school food environment

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169 p.

This Guide has the following aims: provide practical information and guidance for developing or revising national legal frameworks related to school food and nutrition; identify legal elements and areas that are relevant to school food and nutrition; identify international law and standards applicable to the different areas of relevance to school food and nutrition; provide a variety of legislative examples and options for regulating school food and nutrition; promote a holistic and human rights-based approach to school food and nutrition in national legislation. The Guide is intended for use by all actors who are involved in the design, implementation or monitoring of school programmes and policies and most particularly, for those interested in taking legislative action (law making or law reform) to develop or strengthen national legislation to improve food security and nutrition in schools as well as community development. In particular, the Guide is meant for: policy makers, parliamentarians, legal advisers, law practitioners, advocates for improved food security and nutrition in schools.