Ombetja yehinga - The red ribbon: HIV/AIDS teacher training modules

Learning & Teaching Materials
Opuwo, Namibia
Kunene Regional Council, Ministry of Local Government and Housing
Various pagination, figs., illus., maps.,tabs.

This manual was developed to support the training of teachers. It facilitates the learning of issues related to HIV/AIDS as well as other issues relevant to the needs of learners. It was developed as part of the Red Ribbon programme of Namibia. The manual consists of 5 training modules. Module 1: What is HIV/AIDS and how is it transmitted?, Module 2: How to talk about sex with learners, Module 3: Some teaching aids for teaching AIDS, Module 4: HIV transmission -advanced level and Module 5: How to encourage learners to take the right decisions. This manual seeks to present the topic of HIV/AIDS as a 'theoretical' issue which could be learned in school like mathematics or geography.

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