Prevention of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse through quality improvement of curriculum and teaching/learning materials in Asia and the Pacific: final report of the regional workshop

Conference Reports
UNESCO Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
269 p., tabs.

This regional workshop, "Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse through Quality Improvement of Curriculum and Teaching/Learning Materials in Asia and the Pacific was organized from 25-29 August, 1997, by the National Commission of the People's Republic of China for UNESCO in Beijing. The aim is to make an impact through the school system by introducing new curricular approaches and materials at national levels in selected countries of the region. This report, which constitutes the first phase of the project, is aimed at integrating HIV/AIDS education and drug education into the school curriculum. It reflects the progress of the project to date, with the first phase consisting of national studies carried out in seven countries (China, Indian, Indonesia; Lao PDR; Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand) to analyze commonalities and differences, and to identify priority action areas for the future. This publication is accompanied by a "Country Studies and Lessons Learned" document.

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