Rapid desk review of HIV/AIDS policies, strategies and programs of the international federation of Red-Cross and Red-Crescent societies

Programme Reports & Evaluations
48 p.

Red-Cross commissioned a team to undertake a rapid desk review of the efforts and results of the Federation at various levels in the past 12 years in order to summarize the lessons to be learnt that would inform future action in the implementation of the resolve to scale up. Recommendations from the review would thus make future activities more effective and efficient. The review team feels unable to be prescriptive about future direction on the basis of information that was available for desk review. The main recommendation is that a more scientific, indepth study of seemingly successful programs (e.g. the Thai Red Cross, the Zimbabwe Red Cross, the Ghana Red Cross and Jamaica Red Cross projects) be undertaken to identify success factors to be included in the framework. Such a study should include site visits to confirm desk review findings.

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