A report of the evaluation of "Ringing the bell: A Re Tsogeng" project

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Botswana. Ministry of Education
78 p.

This document is an evaluation of the People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) project designed by Botswana Network of people living with HIV/AIDS, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education to bring change messages to school and in the process making the schools become youth-friendly information centre on adolescent reproductive health, sexuality, and human rights. This evaluation is intended to identify strengths and challenges of the project with particular focus on replicability; identifying its relevance, challenges and opportunities in reducing the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS by engaging people living with HIV and AIDS as effective role models for how to live healthy, productives lives with HIV and reinforce information about the need to adopt and maintain safe behaviours. The evaluation: 1) Introduction; 2) Literature review; 3) Methodology; 4) Design, Role focus and efficiency; 5) Relevance; 6) Effectiveness: outputs, outcomes and impacts; 7) Sustainability, replicability and mainstreaming; 8) Summary, conclusions and recommendations; references and appendices.

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