Safe and inclusive school environments in the prevention of HIV/STI, violence and mental health problems

Conference Reports
2 p.

This document summarizes the discussions and most relevant recommendations made during a meeting of experts that immediately followed the Experts Consultation on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Mexico City on 1-2 September, 2009. It was attended by experts in the promotion of sexual health and comprehensive sexuality education; educators, researchers, and policy makers with experience in addressing bullying, harassment, violence, and abuse in schools; professionals with skills and experience in fostering the development of schools free of homophobia, bullying, and violence and in the development of inclusive, equitable educational environments. This meeting of experts was convened by the PAHO on the premise that eliminating homophobia in Latin America and the Caribbean is necessary to improve academic achievement in schools and to reduce mental health problems at the individual student level as well as within families and societies.

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