SMS 4 SRH: Using mobile phones to reduce barriers to youth access to sexual and reproductive health services and information

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Marie Stopes International - US
50 p.

This summary report provides an overview of how mHealth programming may be used to improve youth access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and information. The report frames the discussion of mHealth through an examination of the specific barriers that limit youth access to them. The barriers identified have been divided into four categories: - Accessibility Barriers, including cost and location. - Information Barriers, including lack of SRH information and lack of location information. - Socio-Cultural Barriers, including embarrassment/fear of social stigma and social pressure/cultural norms. - Provider Barriers, including provider bias, lack of provider training, and poor service and delivery management. Each barrier is illustrated with examples of how it limits youth access to SRH information and services around the world. Potential mHealth approaches to each barrier are offered, with examples and case studies of existing programs from a variety of settings and organizations. Limitations and opportunities for using mHealth to address each barrier are discussed. Finally, lessons that have been learned are offered to guide the process of developing and implementing mHealth programming focused on youth.

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