TV soap operas in HIV education: reaching out with popular entertainment

Programme Reports & Evaluations
The German HIV Peer Review Group (PRG)
40 p.
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Les séries télévisées dans l'éducation sur le VIH : atteindre les populations grâce au diverstissement populaire

This publication focuses on the potential of a particular genre of television drama, soap opera, to make significant contributions to national and regional programmes that aim to accelerate progress towards universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care. It provides an overview of why and how German Development Cooperation supports soap operas as integral components of national and regional HIV programmes and looks at three German-supported series of soap opera designed to reflect and respond to three very different epidemics in three very different countries: Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa.

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