What Religious Leaders Can Do about HIV/AIDS. Action for children and young people

Advocacy Materials
64 p.

This book is a resource that religious leaders can use to explore ways of responding to HIV/AIDS. It explains what HIV/AIDS is, how it can be prevented and how it affects particular groups, especially children and young people.It also explains how parents who are infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) can avoid passing it on to their infants. In addition to these basic facts, each chapter includes suggestions on what religious leaders can do to stop the spread of this deadly epidemic and the human suffering that goes along with it.This information can serve as a starting point for meditation, dialogue and action. It can be adapted as necessary to specific spiritual teachings or religious texts, to the cultural practices and beliefs of particular communities, to local issues that contribute to the spread of HIV, and to ongoing programmes.The last section of the workbook is devoted to ways in which religious leaders can generate action against AIDS within their community. This is followed by a list of faith-based organizations and other institutions to contact for ideas and inspiration or for more technical information about HIV/AIDS.

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