Winning through caring: an HIV and AIDS behavior change communication program in Eritrea. Implementation case study

Programme Reports & Evaluations
34 p.

In 2001, the government of Eritrea, together with the World Bank, developed the HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Tuberculosis Control Project (HAMSET) to reduce the impact and spread of these devastating infections. A central element of the project is the use of communication interventions to facilitate change in those behaviors that contribute to the spread of HIV - Winning Through Caring. In cooperation with the MOH, PATH assessed the needs of the populations facing the greatest risk of HIV infection and used that information to develop the Winning Through Caring communication strategy. Winning Through Caring emphasizes capacity building, training of local MOH personnel, other line ministries, mutli-sectoral partners and community volunteers, and communications initiatives within communities. The Winning Through Caring strategy has wide acceptance from all multi-sectoral partners. This report documents the progress of the strategy since its adoption in 2001, describing the major phases, theoretical underpinnings, media and peer group activities, and use of clusters and model communities. Program managers, Eritrean government officials, and USAID staff, and others may benefit from learning about the project implementation process, how the team responded to challenges they encountered, and how partners designed the program, identified appropriate objectives, and created shared ownership of the Winning Through Caring strategy among stakeholders.

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