Youth Visioning for Island Living final reporting on HIV/AIDS awareness in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Programme Reports & Evaluations
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We decided to implement this project here in our province (Western Highlands Province, WHP) among 30 institutions due to the fact that there is no decrease to the spread of HIV/AIDS here. HIV/AIDS is on the rise here (PNG) amongst young people. Many young people including schooling teenagers have died of HIV/AIDS. It involves teachers as well, among many who are dying daily in the Province and the country as a whole. Another factor is that HIV/AIDS is highly spreading here in PNG especially among young people. Here we want to stop or reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country by involving ourselves in such awareness programs. We believe that by cooperating together, we can reduce and eventually stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country. As a result, we came up with our theme, 'Let's fight AIDS together'. Finally, in order for the information to be disseminated to a lot of people, we have targeted the young schooling population to further disseminate the information to others. This includes their parents relatives, peer groups, friends etc. In this way the information will be passed on from one person to another. And eventually, Together, we can reduce and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among everyone her in WHP and Papua New Guinea.

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