Ashford, Lori S.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2020

Adding it up: investing in sexual and reproductive health 2019

This report examines the need for, impact of and cost of fully investing in sexual and reproductive health care-services that together ensure people can decide whether and when to have children, experience safe pregnancy and delivery, have healthy newborns, and have a safe and satisfying sexual l

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Programme Reports & Evaluations | 2014

Adding it up: The costs and benefits of investing in sexual and reproductive health

To help decision-makers evaluate the investments needed in developing countries, this report provides new estimates, for 2014, of the needs for and costs and benefits of sexual and reproductive health interventions in three key areas: Contraceptive services; Maternal, newborn and other pregnancy-

Toolkits & Guides
Toolkits & Guides | 2009

A journalist's guide to sexual and reproductive health in East Africa

Sexual and reproductive health encompasses health and well-being in matters related to sexual relations, pregnancies, and births. It deals with the most intimate and private aspects of people's lives, which can be difficult to write about and discuss publicly.