Bundy, Donald A. P.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2016

Global school feeding sourcebook: lessons from fourteen countries

This sourcebook documents and analyzes a range of government-led school meals programs to provide decision-makers and practitioners worldwide with the knowledge, evidence and good practice they need to strengthen their national school feeding efforts.

Journal articles
Journal articles | 2013

School food, politics and child health

OBJECTIVE: An analysis undertaken jointly in 2009 by the UN World Food Programme, The Partnership for Child Development and the World Bank was published as Rethinking School Feeding to provide guidance on how to develop and implement effective school feeding programmes as a productive safety net

Journal articles
Journal articles | 2012

School feeding programs and development: are we framing the question correctly

School feeding programs are politically popular interventions. They are, nevertheless, difficult to assess in terms of effectiveness since their impact is partially on education and partially on school health. They are, additionally, a means to augment consumption by vulnerable populations.