Cornu, Christophe

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2018

TCG4: Development of SDG thematic indicator 4.7.2

This paper provides information on the definition of SDG thematic indicator 4.7.2 “Percentage of schools that provided life skills-based HIV and sexuality education in the previous academic year” and two alternative methods of collection.

Conference Reports
Conference Reports | 2019

Ending school bullying: Focus on the Arab States. UNESCO’s contribution to the policy dialogue on bullying and learning organized by the Regional Center for Educational Planning United Arab Emirates, April 2019

This document was produced as an input to the Policy Dialogue on “Bullying and Learning Nationally, Regionally and internationally”, organized by the Regional Centre for Educational Planning (RECP) and the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 29-30 April 2019 in Sharjah, UAE.