Eastern and Southern Africa commitment: One year in review - 2013-2014

Programme Reports & Evaluations
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Engagement de l’Afrique orientale et austral. Bilan d’une année - 2013-2014
Compromisso da África Oriental e Austral. Resumo de um ano - 2013-2014

In December 2013, ministers of education and health from twenty ESA countries affirmed and endorsed their joint commitment to deliver comprehensive sexuality
education (CSE) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for young people. The ESA Commitment document was developed based on a Regional Report,
“Young People Today: Time to Act Now” which reviewed the trends and status of sexual and reproductive health and HIV among adolescents and young people in
the ESA Region including comprehensive sexuality education and service needs. This report is a summary of progress since this landmark ESA Ministerial Commitment was made. It presents the priorities identified and progress made during the past 12 months at regional and national levels with specific focus on the targets and accountability framework. The targets agreed to between now and 2020 are featured in a ‘pull-out and keep’ centre-spread in the report. This report presents four key areas of progress: the development of an enabling environment through multi-sectoral plans and resource allocation; the scale-up of comprehensive sexuality education; improvements in access to youth-friendly SRH services; and, reduction of unintended pregnancies, gender-based violence and child marriage. Highlights of country-specific initiatives that are contributing to better CSE and SRH services are also presented.

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