Four questions to ask as school governors

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This two-sided briefing paper lists the most important questions that governors should be asking head teachers. 1) How does our PSHE provision match up to Ofsted’s standards? 2) How does our curriculum prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life? Are pupils learning how to make good decisions when faced with risky situations? 3) Are drug-related incidents managed with confidence and consistency, and in the best interests of those involved? 4) What arrangements are there to identify and safeguard the wellbeing of pupils who need help because of their own, or someone else’s, drug and alcohol use? 5) It also reviews governors’ responsibilities around drug and alcohol prevention in light of the recently issued Governors’ Handbook from DfE. This briefing paper is part of a series produced by Mentor ADEPIS on alcohol and drug education and prevention, for teachers and practitioners.

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