Health-promoting schools: a resource for developing indicators

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European Network of Health Promoting Schools
231 p.

This book emerged from a series of workshops the Technical Secretariat of the European Network of Health Promoting Schools (ENHPS) initiated on practice and evaluation of the health-promoting schools approach. Chapter 1 presents a brief historical overview of the ENHPS by addressing some of the most important events and conferences. Chapter 2 discusses the stakeholders - students, teachers, parents, communities and researchers - and their potential roles in collaborating to develop health-promoting schools. The chapter summarizes the most important evidence on the effectiveness of the health-promoting schools approach. Chapter 3 presents the basic concepts, values and principles of a health-promoting schools approach. Chapter 4 links the concepts and principles identified in Chapter 3 with the reports on indicators presented in Chapter 6. This chapter introduces some of the basic concepts of evaluation research. Chapter 5 focuses on how indicators set for schools by international agencies (such as United Nations agencies) can be integrated into health-promoting schools approaches. The chapter uses HIV as an example and aims to support agencies and nongovernmental organizations that are including schools and education services in their programmes. Chapter 6 presents twenty case studies of examples of good practices across Europe.

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